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Mission समूहन (Bring Together)

Mission ‘SAMOOHAN’ marks the beginning of Accelerate Vigyan. It aims to encourage, aggregate and consolidate all scientific interactions in the country under one common roof. This mission, through its wide knowledge base caters to a varied audience - R&D Departments, Institutes in Science & Technology as well as stakeholders - Mentors, Coordinators, Participants and Students. This Mission will be achieved through two of its subcomponents/schemes, namely ‘SANGOSHTHI’ (existing Seminar & Symposia scheme of SERB) and ‘SAYONJIKA’ (aggregation of all the major capacity building activities of all science departments/ministries). These two subcomponents/programs are explained in the succeeding paragraphs.

संयोजिका (Chronicle)

‘SAYONJIKA’ is an integrated initiative to catalogue the capacity building activities in Science & Technology supported by government funding agencies in the country. This program aims to encourage ‘event organizers’ to register with Accelerate Vigyan online portal, to utilize its logo and submit completion report and outcomes. The information base aggregated through this initiative will benefit the students, teachers, researchers, science administrators and policymakers, in participating, conducting and planning future capacity building activities and have a repository of the skilled manpower in various scientific fields.

Objective :
The “SAYONJIKA” is aimed at creating a common source information platform for the capacity building that is being developed in the scientific arena, through the funding support of various departments and ministries in the country.

Eligibility :
The events supported by the national agencies (Central Government Ministries / Departments) are eligible under SAYONJIKA.

Duration :
The events of five or more days are only eligible. The aim is to consolidate only major training programs / schools / workshops for a meaningful database for the benefit of the stakeholders, including policy makers.

How to Apply : Applicant must apply online at www.acceleratevigyan.gov.in immediately after the receipt of approval / sanction letter of the Departments / Ministries / Statutory Bodies to Government of India to hold these workshops / training programs / winter & summer schools.

Formats :
Mandatory documents required to upload while submission of an application (for all applicants)

  • Copy of the approval or sanction order issued only by the Department / Ministries / Statutory Bodies of Government of India.
  • Announcement Brochure.Summary of the program.

Guidelines :
The event organizers are expected to submit the data and information about the event in the prescribed format within one month after the completion of the event.

संगोष्ठी (Seminar & Symposia)

‘SANGOSHTHI’ is designed to facilitate the scientific community to establish an interaction with other individuals and research groups to enhance knowledge exchange. It is to keep them abreast of the latest developments in Science & Technology by supporting participation in national and international events across the country. This is done by providing partial financial support to hold conferences, seminars, symposia, technical meetings and short-term training programs / workshops.
To apply under this program please visit- www.serbonline.in

The details of Programme Advisors / Coordinators and Programme Officers are given below:

Name of the Program Program Coordinator Program Officer
Samoohan Dr. Rajeev Mehajan
Scientist G
Dr. V. Ramesh
Scientist D