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Prof. Sandeep Verma, FNA FNAE
Name Prof. Abhay Karandikar
Designation CEO
Contact No. 011-26510068, 011-26511439, 011-26511125
E-mail ceo[at]anrf[dot]gov[dot]in
Office of Secretary
Contact No. 011-26511125
E-mail secoffice[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in

Director (Finance and Admin)

Ms. Madhu Wadhawan Sinha
Name Ms. Madhu Wadhawan Sinha
Designation DIRECTOR
Contact No. 011-26511127
E-mail director[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Office of Director
Contact No. 011-26552221
E-mail --

Officers - Scientists in ANRF

Dr. Premila Mohan
Name Dr. Premila Mohan
Designation Scientist G
Contact No. 011-26511143
E-mail premilamohan[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Dipti Kakkar Thukral
Name Dr. Dipti Kakkar Thukral
Designation Scientist G
Contact No. 011-26511154
E-mail scientistg[hypen]ls[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Shiv Mohan Singh
Name Dr. Shashi Bhushan Pandey
Designation Scientist G
Contact No. 011-26511163
E-mail sbp[hypen]scg[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. A.V. Balachandar
Name Dr. A.V. Balachandar
Designation Scientist F
Contact No. 011-26511091
E-mail venkatbala[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Nilotpal Ghosh
Name Dr. Nilotpal Ghosh
Designation Scientist F
Contact No. 011-26511182
E-mail nilotpal[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Monika Agarwal
Name Dr. Monika Agarwal
Designation Scientist F
Contact No. 011-26511046
E-mail monika[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. T. Thangaradjou
Name Dr. T. Thangaradjou
Designation Scientist F
Contact No. 011-26511021
E-mail ttradjou[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Shilpi Paul
Name Dr. Shilpi Paul
Designation Scientist F
Contact No. 011-26511031
E-mail shilpipaul[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Rajwant
Name Dr. Rajwant
Designation Scientist F
Contact No. 011-26511032
E-mail rajwant[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Arvind Chaudhary
Name Dr. Arvind Chaudhary
Designation Scientist E
Contact No. 011-26511035
E-mail arvind[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Prahlad Ram
Name Dr. Prahlad Ram
Designation Scientist E
Contact No. 011-26511067
E-mail prahlad[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Magesh Kumar K.K
Name Dr. Magesh Kumar K.K
Designation Scientist E
Contact No. 011-26511044
E-mail mageshkk[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. S.V. Prasanna
Name Dr. S.V. Prasanna
Designation Scientist E
Contact No. 011-26511081
E-mail prasanna[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Pramod Kumar Prasad
Name Dr. Pramod Kumar Prasad
Designation Scientist E
Contact No. 011-26511077
E-mail pk[dot]prasad[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Rawat
Name Dr. Pankaj Kumar Rawat
Designation Scientist E
Contact No. 011-26511058
E-mail pankaj[dot]rawat[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Anima Johari
Name Dr. Anima Johari
Designation Scientist E
Contact No. 011-26511039
E-mail anima[dot]johari[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Ramesh V
Name Dr. Ramesh V
Designation Scientist E
Contact No. 011-26511082
E-mail drvramesh[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Sukumar Dey
Name Dr. Sukumar Dey
Designation Scientist D
Contact No. 011-26511084
E-mail dey[dot]sukumar[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in

Officers - Scientists On Dual Charge From DST

Dr. Praveen Kumar S. (DST/SERB)
Name Dr. Praveen Kumar S. (DST/SERB)
Designation Scientist F
Contact No. 011-26511173
E-mail praveen[at]nic[dot]in

Administration / Finance

Mr. Satish Marar
Name Mr. Satish Marar
Contact No. 011-26511093
E-mail satish[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Mr. Deepak Krishna
Name Mr. Deepak Krishna
Designation Section Officer
Contact No. 011-26511086
E-mail deepak[dot]krish[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in

Scientific Consultant

Dr. Jacob V.V.
Name Dr. Jacob V.V.
Section Officer Scientific Consultant
Contact No. 011-26552216
E-mail jacob[at]nic[dot]in

Administrative Consultants

Mr. Supriyo Saha
Name Supriyo Saha
Designation Consultant (Audit)
Contact No. 011-26552152
E-mail --
Mr. K. Vasudevan
Name Mr. K. Vasudevan
Designation Consultant (Admn. & Finance)
Contact No. 011-26552122
E-mail admin-serb[at]nic[dot]in
Mr. Heera Vallabh Sharma
Name Mr. Heera Vallabh Sharma
Designation Consultant (Official Language)
Contact No. 011-26552148
E-mail vallabhhira[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. Anil Kumar Rattan
Name Mr. Anil Kumar Rattan
Designation Consultant (Office of Secretary, SERB)
Contact No. 011-26552201
E-mail secoffice[at]serb[dot]gov[dot]in
Mr. P K Biswal
Name Mr. P K Biswal
Designation Consultant (Establishment)
Contact No. 011-26552128
E-mail biswalpk72[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. SK Banerjee
Name Mr. SK Banerjee
Designation Consultant (Liaison)
Contact No. 011-26552130
E-mail banerjeeani[dot]60[at]gmail[dot]com
Mr. R K Chamoli
E-mail Mr. R K Chamoli
Designation Consultant (Admn)
Contact No. 011-26552127
E-mail chamolirk[at]gmail[dot]com