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SERB adopts UGC’s “Promotion of Academic integrity and prevention of plagiarism in higher educational institutions, Regulations 2018” as an interim measure until SERB comes out with its own scientific ethics and plagiarism policy / guidelines.

Proposals submitted to SERB need to be original and plagiarism in any form will not be acceptable. All submitted proposals would be subjected to a third-party similarity check and proposals are liable to be rejected if found plagiarised. Any text taken verbatim from other source needs to be identified using quotation marks and proper citations. Applicants are requested to pre-check their proposals for plagiarism before uploading to avoid any serious repercussions at a later stage.

Five years of Scientific Ethics and Plagiarism charges of the all the applicants / Principal Investigator of the projects funded by the SERB will be taken into consideration for funding. All PIs must declare that they are not penalized on Scientific Ethics and Plagiarism charges in the past five years by the time of submission of application and there are no such charges are pending against them while submitting the application for funding.

SERB reserves right to withdraw the financial support any time of the project if such charges are confirmed against the applicants / Principal Investigators.

SERB can also debar the defaulters for minimum period five years to apply for further funding. However, such period can be extended on case-to-case basis depending the intensity of the breaching of scientific ethics.