Home: Science and Engineering Research Board, Established through an Act of Parliament: SERB Act 2008, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India

Objectives :
This scheme aims to encourage emerging and eminent women researchers for individual-centric and competitive mode of research funding to undertake R&D activities in frontier areas of science and engineering.

Eligibility :

  1. Applicants [Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-Principal Investigator(s) (Co-PI(s))] should be Indian citizens.
  2. The applicant(s) must hold a regular academic/research position in a recognized academic institution or national laboratory or in any other recognized R&D institution in India.
  3. Applicants from IITs, IISERs, IISc, NITs, Central Universities, and National Labs of Central Government Institutions will be considered under Level I Category, whereas applicants from State Universities / Colleges and Private Academic Institutions should apply under Level II Category.

Nature and Duration of Support :
POWER Grants will empower women researchers by funding them under following two categories:

  1. Level I: The scale of funding up to 60 lakhs for three years.
  2. Level II: The scale of funding up to 30 lakhs for three years.
  3. The POWER Grant is provided for equipment, manpower, consumables, travel, and contingency. "Overheads" is also being provided to the implementing institution as per prevailing norms of SERB.
  4. POWER Grant will be regulated through terms of reference conforming to SERB-CRG guidelines.

Application & Selection Procedure :
In addition to direct applications, the SERB-Core Research Grant (CRG) Platform will be used to identify and support women scientists under the POWER Research Grant component. Accordingly, proposals will be received through two streams:

  1. Stream 1: Direct applications for POWER Grant (Online).
  2. Stream 2: Applications sourced from CRG Scheme (All PACs).
  3. The selection will be based on the recommendations of Program Advisory Committee (PAC) constituted by the Board. If required, the applicants maybe called for discussion/ presentation.
Women researchers who have applied in the current cycle but not secured funding under CRG will be considered in Stream 2 at an appropriate level (Level I & II). Women scientists who have applied in CRG Scheme need not re-apply in any of the above streams.

S.No Name of the Program Program Coordinator Program Officer
1 SERB – POWER Research Grants Dr. Shashi Bhushan Pandey
Scientist G
Dr Monika Agarwal
Scientist F